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I know this post is a little late, but for this post we are looking at online newspapers particularly Susan Jacobson’s paper ‘Transcoding the News: An Investigation into Multimedia Journalism Published on 2000-2008’ (2011). This paper examines the process of transcoding, which is

“defined as the changes that result from translating an established cultural product into a new technology”

the paper does this by examining the use of multimedia elements used on the website.

Some of the main elements employed by the publishers of were the use of audio slideshows, sidebar links (links to elements outside the story), embedded links (links within the story) and finally the “gamification” of news storytelling; which is a technique which allows the audience to explore the story without a predefined narrative by the journalist.

Under this process the voice of the journalist as an interpreter or analyst is missing from the articles rather the reader is given the tools to interpret the facts in their own manner and come to their own conclusions, this makes the process of reading the news more like a game than was previously experienced in traditional print media according to Jacobson (2011).

The major advantages of transcoding include:

  • Ability to provide more detail with uncut video, rather than soundbites.
  • Journalist able to provide more analysis and perspectives due to the unrestricted space constraint of the medium, as compared to print.
  • Ability to publish more photos online without increasing burden on journalist & thus providing more detail.
  • Ability to experiment with the medium which other traditional media cannot afford to do.
  • Finally the ability to implement “metajournalism” tools to make it possible for readers to participate in the discussion and share the story via social media.

From my personal experience I much prefer this type of news reporting, especially due to my keen interest in sports which is much easier to get the story across with the added ability to include highlights video packages, photographs and post game interviews. A great example of this is many of the articles on or

A great example of the use of multimedia tools in an online news article is available at Foxsports. Below is another example of the type of video that may be used in a sports news article online.

Thanks for reading & please feel free to leave comments below.


Jacobson, S (2012) ‘Transcoding the News: An Investigation into Multimedia Journalism Published on 2000-2008’, New Media & Society,


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